Nutkin’s Last Stand

Documentary/USA-UK/2008/18 minutes

The aggressive North American gray (or grey, when it gets to England) squirrel is threatening to displace the English red squirrel. Immortalized in Beatrix Potter’s The Tale of Squirrel Nutkin and much beloved by English nature lovers, the red is the island nation’s only native species of squirrel. But it is being driven to extinction by the invading gray’s combativeness and a squirrel pox it carries, against which the reds have no resistance. And so, with characteristic national pluck, a cross-section of English men and women — from lords to priests to artists to farmers — has risen up to turn back “the grey menace” and save the reds. Nutkin’s Last Stand is touching and often humorous. But species loss is no laughing matter, and the film rises to a haunting evocation of the stakes in the survival of a little red squirrel.

  • National Broadcast: PBS; August 18th 2009
  • Student Academy Award Nominee
  • Winner: Best Student Documentary; Next Reel Film Festival Singapore and Palm Springs International Short Film Fest.
  • Official Selection: IDFA, Silverdocs, Austin International Film Festival, Zagrebdox, River Run Film Festival, CFC Worldwide Short Film Festival, Palm Springs Short Film Festival, Globians DocFest, Mendocino Film Festival Blue Planet Film Fest, Planet in Focus Film Festival, Temescal Street Cinema Sehsuchte Film, Festival and Wholphin DVD Magazine Issue 7

The Legend of Rosalie

Documentary/USA/2007/10 minutes

The story of a mysterious woman living in an off the grid community in the California desert.

  • Student Academy Award Nominee
  • Winner: Student Filmmaker Award; Hamptons International Film Festival, Critics’ Choice Award; C the Film Festival, Best Documentary; First Glance Film Festival Hollywood.
  • Official Selection: Hampton’s International Film festival, Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, SF Indie Docfest, Free Range Film Festival, Mendocino Film Festival, C the Film Festival Edinburgh, Angeles Awards Finalist.

The Man with the Electric Boots

Documentary/USA/2006/4 minutes

A day in the life of an inventor who has built himself a pair of electric boots to deal with the problem of his perpetually cold feet.

  • Winner: IFC Back to Basics Documentary Film Challenge (2nd Place)
  • Official Selection: Mendocino Film festival, Big Sky documentary Film festival, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Edinburgh International Film Festival, Free Range Film Festival.


Documentary/USA/2014/6 minutes

Time passes slowly at Franklin Hot Springs in Paso Robles, CA

  • Aeon Magazine

Water and Dust

Documentary/USA/2010/4 minutes

A documentary about 92-year-old sculptor Milton Helbald, making one of his last great works: a self-portrait, which will serve as a memorial when he is gone.Sculptor Milton Hebald, born in 1917, is best known for his large bronze figures, which occupy prominent public places around the world. Among the best known of these are a pair of Shakespeare themed sculptures in New York’s Central Park and a life-sized portrait of James Joyce that was commissioned for the author’s tomb in Zurich, Switzerland. Hebald is also known for what was at one time the largest sculpture in the world, a twelve-part bronze zodiac, which once adorned the Pan Am Terminal at New York’s JFK airport.

Hebald now lives in Los Angeles and at 92 he is still a prolific sculptor. Before he dies, he plans to make a life sized terracotta self-portrait. He has instructed his assistant to make a cast of this sculpture when he passes and to mix his cremated remains with the clay in the resulting sculpture. The result will be a sculpture in which Helbald has quite literally merged with his work.

  • Official Selection: Mendocino Film Festival

Land of Songs (Editor)

Documentary/USA-Lithuania/2014/70 minutes (clip)

I edited this feature length documentary about a folk singing troupe from Lithuania. Directed by Aldona Watts. More information on the film’s website.

  • Vilnius International Film Festival
  • Margaret Mead Film Festival
  • Los Angeles European Film Festival
  • Chicago European Film Festival